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Aug 31, 2016


As promised, here is my Birth Story. I’ve been rambling about my Elective C-section for weeks and whining about how bored I was Physically and emotionally and complaining about how far the scheduled date seems until it finally happened. 3 days before the actual scheduled operation day so this was the 23rd. It was very unexpected too because the Hubby and I were already sleeping when I suddenly felt a strong tug/kick followed by a gush of water that soaked my part of the bed instantly. I KNEW this was my ‘water breaking’ because I couldn’t control it and also it was clear ordorless fluid. I sort of panicked and awoke my Husband by crying out ‘Oh my gosh!’ which sent him jolting straight out of bed fumbling to turn on the lights. He took one look at our bed and called for an Ambulance. This happened around 1:45AM.

The Ambulance came about 15mins after the call and started bombarding me with questions that I couldn’t really answer because my contractions had suddenly started and they were really painful. Thankfully, the Husband was able to answer most of it. We reached the hospital at around 2:30am and the Hubs took care of the admittance forms and what not. Was already in a hospital bed cause I couldn’t walk anymore due to the pain of my contractions. Was sent to the Antenatal ward cause they had to confirm that it really was Amniotic fluids that were leaking from me. The intern doctors were the ones who confirmed it was. Another Intern tried setting my IV up and couldn’t find a viable vein. It took him 5 tries, which means 5 different spots where he poked and prodded me with the thick IV needle. both my hands were bleeding when he finally got it it. Anyways, after a while an Attending doctor came and told me that due to my previous c-sections I was at high risk of old scar rupturing if I went into full labour so they didn’t want to waste anymore time and said I was to have an Emmergency section right away. She also explained that this time I should consider having a Vertical section instead of the Low transverse that I had twice before because of my old adhesions and scar tissues. Something about the risks of cutting through the old tissues and the surgery taking longer if they went through the old scars. By this point, I couldn’t really focus on anything anyone was saying cause my contractions were coming every 3 minutes and lasting up to a minute each time. I was asking for laughing gas or any kind of pain relief but they refused to give me any saying that the anesthesiologist would come in soon to set up my Spinal block.

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Aug 20, 2016


Only 4 days to go before I get admitted for my Elective C-Section and I have been checking and re-checking the things that I’ll be bringing to the Hospital constantly even though I’ve started preparing them about 2 months ago. In Hong Kong, when giving birth in a Public Hospital in my experience, they don’t provide anything except for Underpads during labour. With my 1st born, I went in totally unprepared. With my 2nd, I still missed out on a couple of things so with this 3rd one, I made it a point to plan ahead and was determined to have what I needed on hand because upon entering the labour room they almost instantly ask you for your hospital bag and begin collecting the necessary items that they’ll be needing. So here’s a list of things I have in my Hospital duffel.

1. 5pcs of Underpads. Will probably need more.
2. Baby’s going home clothes. A newborn set of clothes
3. Maternity Pads. A pack of 20 super slim maternity pads
4. A roll of Toilet Paper. Yes this is included in the list they gave me!
5. Baby Wipes for my newborn
6. Maternity Pads. The Hospital recommended pack of 10 super bulky pads
7. Maternity Bra. My nursing bra, I will probably add one more just in case
8. Baby Blanket. A thicker receiving blanket for the new Bubs
9. Pampers. A pack of Newborn Diapers
10. Mesh Pants. because I don’t have ‘Granny Panties’ so these will do
11. More Mesh Pants. another 3 pack. Will just throw them away after use
12. Breast Pads. Because them boobs will leak. Gotta be prepared!
13. Portable Fan. Just cause I never leave the house without it during Summer.

I still have an additional carry-on bag which is a huge tote that I use as a diaper bag when going out with Yousef. I didn’t bother taking a picture of it because it’s a complete mess in there as I’ve just been throwing things in randomly. Basically, in there I have my going home outfit, my toothbrush & toothpaste, my hairbrush & scrunchies, Nipple Creams, Eye Mask, Ear Plugs, 2x Portable Phone Chargers, Travel Sized toiletries, Earphones, 2 pairs of socks, My FlipFlops and a folder with some of our documents (Marriage papers, address proofs, etc).

So that concludes this post. Hope I didn’t bore you guys with all this maternity and pregnancy posts but don’t worry in a matter of days it will all be over lol. Bye for now!

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Aug 10, 2016

As a mommy-on-a-budget, I love getting great deals when shopping for my Kids. And I’m also the type who doesn’t mind buying second hand items as long as they’re in Mint condition. I do most of my shopping online because it’s more convenient for me to have them shipped to my doorstep and also the Mall is pretty far from where we live and I tend to get a little overwhelmed when I’m surrounded with dozens of people. I don’t like crowded places because my 2-year old still uses the stroller (Can’t take him anywhere without it cause he’d be running all over the place), I absolutely hate long checkout lines and I also don’t like sales clerks following me around the shop, given that it’s their job but come on, you gotta admit that it gets pretty annoying. I like to shop in Peace & in the comfort of my couch or bed haha. Anyways, about a week ago I was searching for T-shirts for Yousef because he had already outgrown the ones he had and I was very fortunate to have snagged a deal on 2 lots of shirts from Carousell. The seller was selling 6pcs of printed T-shirts for just $60hkd which is $7usd. So that’s $120+$22 for the shipping for 12pcs of T-shirts. $18.50usd total. For me, that’s a real bargain and I love the prints on them. They were second hand and so even though she assured me that they have been washed before she sent them out, I still went ahead and washed them again and now they look as good as new. They are all short-sleeved so I don’t think I’ll be buying more for now because it will be Winter time soon and I’ll be needing long-sleeved ones. So yes, very happy with my purchase and I don’t want this entry to be too long so here are the Shirts I got.





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